Saturday, 8 May 2010

Chapter 2

Having been given the task of clearing out the nearby Kobold lair by the Captain of the guard, our heroes wasted no time and headed out from Winterhaven.

On route to the lair the party were way laid by a Kobold wyrmpriest and a few Kobold Dragonshields. The party weren't surprised but were a little slow on initiative. The wyrmpriest hung back and fired acid energy orbs at the Eiriash the Elf with deadly precision whilst the Dragonshields mobbed Kaida the Fighter who struggled to hit the her shifty assailants.

Riffon the mage fired his magic missiles whilst Thorgar blasted away with his lance of faith. However, the Kobolds were accurate with their sustained attacks and soon the party were in difficulty as Kaida went down under a hail of blows, quickly followed by Eiriash. There was no escape for Riffon and Thorgar as the Kobolds rounded on them.

Our heroes awoke in a dark cave. They had been bound and their equipment taken from them and piled up nearby. They were under the watchful eye of a Kobold named Splug (who the party had encountered earlier). After much plotting, the mage came up with a cunning plan and summoned a mage hand to retrieve a dagger from the nearby pile of gear. Meanwhile, Thorgar enticed the Kobold guard to partake of some fine weed (purchased at the market that very morning). The kobold sucumbed to the intoxicating substance and entered a highly suggestive state.

With their bonds now severed by the dagger, the party determined that they were in the Kobold lair, hidden behind a waterfall. They persuaded Splug to lead them directly to "Iron Tooth" the Kobold leader. Iron Tooth the goblin couldn't quite believe his eyes as the party came towards him. This time the party were ready for a tough fight and worked well to keep the advantage over Iron Tooth and his two Kobold Guards. A large crowd of kobolds had gathered to watch the fight, convinced that Iron Tooth would be victorious.

Riffon summoned a flaming sphere and flung it at Iron Tooth, whilst Kaida rushed into combat. With ranged support from the Elf and Dwarf, the part soon had the upper hand and Iron Tooth was soon bloodied. However, this just made him meaner but he just couldn't elude the mages flaming sphere and eventually he crashed to the floor.

The onlooking kobolds stood in fear and awe as their fearsome leader was dispatched. The party looted Iron Tooth's lair and found a +1 set of Dwarven Chainmail, a quantity of gold (that they split 50/50 with the surviving kobolds) and mre importantly a note to Iron Tooth from someone called Kalarel that mentioned a rift to allow the Lord Orcus to enter ther realm.

The party hastened back to Winterhaven where they informed the authorities of their findings (and collected their reward). The note was a grave concern to the Lord of WInterhaven and he requested a meeting next morning with the party, together with Valtharun.

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